Development Services

NHA’s role in the development of healthcare facilities encompasses site planning, contracting, construction, financing and licensing.  NHA acts as the owner’s advocate throughout the project’s advancement, ensuring quality development and culminating in a successful close-out and operation start up.  Acting as project manager, NHA can uniquely maintain synchronicity and proficiency in development through greater control of architecture, engineering, contracting, and management and construction techniques, all leading to lower costs, fewer change orders, and a shorter design time and construction period.

NHA’s role in the area of development services includes the following:

  • Preconstruction studies: Prior to materialization, NHA performs a site analysis by evaluating utilities, zoning, and site costs.  NHA also facilitates and analyzes numerous land studies and surveys, including geotechnical testing and environmental studies.  After confirming a conducive site, NHA moves ahead with facility planning, which includes a space allocation program,  site plan, cost estimates and budgeting.
  • Architecture and Engineering Coordination:  During the architectural and engineering phase of construction, NHA coordinates the hiring, scheduling, and duties of the architect and engineering firms.  This encompasses contract negotiation, proposal formulation, design approval, and time-efficient design schedule formation.  NHA will manage the process by which the architect and engineers will complete the design documents in accordance with the Owner's pre-approved programs.
  • Medical Equipment Planning and Interior Design:  NHA’s role as project manager includes arranging medical equipment specification and furnishing and the interior design.  This oversight of budgeting, developing effective floor plans, and coordination of prompt scheduling and delivery of medical equipment, and intermittent invoices.
  • Construction Coordination:  At the outset of the development phase, NHA is responsible for formulating a construction bid package, selecting a contractor and negotiating the contract.  NHA oversees the scheduling of construction and arranges necessary inspections.  Upon completion of development, NHA facilitates the necessary obtainment of occupancy permits and jurisdictional approvals.
  • Progress Updates and Project Funding:  From the beginning to the end of development, NHA produces monthly updates, including progress meetings, progress reports, development reports and status reports.  NHA within its scope also manages the financial budget assuring the project budget is maintained with the goal of not exceeding project budget based on the defined project scope and schedule.


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