Planning Services

The range of NHA’s services and capabilities enables it to become involved at virtually all points in the planning and implementation process.  At the earliest stage, NHA provides assistance in evaluating the overall viability of a healthcare service in a general geographic locale or on a specific campus.  NHA can also provide guidance in planning the healthcare or senior care facility's program of services and organizational structure. 

Subsequently, NHA conducts needs assessments and market and financial studies, which can be designed both to suit additional planning objectives and ultimately to be incorporated into the documentation necessary for the project financing.  Further, NHA is involved in the implementation of projects.



NHA’s role in the area of planning for healthcare providers includes the following:

  • Expansion, Diversification, and Acquisition Analysis:  These analyses include evaluation of new product or program development incorporatingmarket analysis, financial forecasting and implementation assistance; conduct of market research to measure the need for a service and develop recommendations involving the service's operation; identification and evaluation of acquisition opportunities and comprehensive and strategic acquisition analysis.
  • Strategic Market Evaluation and Market Positioning:  Marketing services include development of strategic plans and needs assessments, development of business plans for existing services, services in their infancy or those being proposed, conduction of competitive assessments and project positioning, and preparation of business plans to guide an entity’s operations.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Support:  This services includesCertificate of Need application preparation and litigation support such as preparation of trial exhibits and strategy, expert witness testimony as healthcare planners and healthcare finance experts, regulatory reporting support, and licensure and compliance assistance.
  • Community Needs Assessments:  These evaluations involve a detailed analysis of the need for existing or proposed services in an area, medical staff and physician needs analysis to guide recruitment and retention efforts, and preparation of business plans to support the market and financial viability of a healthcare operation.
  • Business Development:  This incorporates participation in the structuring of a business entity, including off balance sheet transactions, and preparation of the required documentation, assistance in transaction structuring, negotiation, and facilitation and ongoing monitoring of an operation for its continued performance and opportunity for market enhancement.

Ongoing, from an operational perspective, we provide clients with data and information on their market dynamics, opportunities which may arise and general news reports on their communities and competitors.


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