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Financial & Operational Services

NHA's experience and capabilities in the area of healthcare finance include various roles in both taxable and tax exempt bond issues, conventional financing, private placements and equity raises. Various services identified above are often prepared with the debt or equity source requirements taken into consideration with the deliverable used in support of securing capital.

NHA's role in the area of financial and operational services for healthcare providers includes the following:

Financial Modeling, Forecasting, and Feasibility

This includes modeling the business operations for healthcare providers addressing pricing and rate setting, third party reimbursement considerations, net earnings from a given business opportunity, cost shifting and revenue enhancement potential and preparing financial budgets and projections.  Our scope of work also includes the additional tasks and due diligence to prepare financial feasibility studies for internal use as well as debt and equity raises.


Healthcare Finance Expert Witness

This involves providing necessary litigation support in the areas of economic damages, regulatory matters, impact of market and business dynamics on a given entity and certificate of need litigation support. 


Operational Analysis and Evaluations

This includes evaluation of historical operational and financial patterns, assessing current operational/financial business activities and projecting future business potential.  This work product also includes business valuation services including determining capitalization rates, discount rates, gross revenue multipliers and price-earnings ratios and ultimate opportunity and value of business being evaluated.

Determination and Analysis of Financing Alternatives

The scope of work involved in this type of service includes identifying financing sources, assisting in securing related commitments, structuring off balance sheet transactions, public - private partnership development, preparing financial forecasts to support debt or equity placement and identifying capital resources consistent with partner and joint venture objectives.


Transaction and Joint Venture Structuring

This includes identifying alternative organizational and ownership structures, assisting with transaction negotiation and structuring, assisting with asset acquisition or disposition, structuring off balance sheet transactions, contract preparation, negotiation and review, public - private partnership development, identifying capital resources consistent with partner and joint venture objectives, implementing joint venture projects on behalf of owners and providing ongoing oversight of the management company, serving as the owner's representative to review continuing performance.

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